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yeah i'm fucking dainty. [entries|friends|calendar]
drinking champagne from a paper cup.

you are the smell before rain.
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[August 02 2009]


and i will pretend
i don't know of your sins.

(comment & tell me your name, age and location if you want to be added)

feel free to add me for my arts. art posts are always public.

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neeeew. [January 13 2008]
48 newbies. 

(including fashion, lindsay lohan, jessica stam, mischa barton, nicole richie, zooey deschanel, cory kennedy, ashley olsen, becky filip, ...)


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merry christmas. [December 24 2007]

have a great christmas everyone!

i ♥ you all.

snip snip. [October 21 2007]
FRIENDS CUT. (oh no)


icons icons icons. [October 19 2007]

63 new icons.

(including fashion, zooey deschanel, claire danes, evan rachel wood, mischa barton, willa holland, regina spektor, kate bosworth, marilyn monroe, nicole richie, twiggy, halloween.)


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[August 19 2007]
48 new icons. yay.

lindsay lohan, emma watson, mischa barton, lily allen, lost cast, marilyn monroe, gwen stefani, fashion.


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[December 24 2006]

i wish all of you a very

happy holidays, my dears ♥

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